About us

LEBRAND is a ready-to-wear brand, launched in 2014 by Paulina Pyszkiewicz - Warsaw University graduate at the art history faculty.

The idea behind LEBRAND company is creating timeless clothes, functional and practical, and beautiful at the same time, that make the core of the ideal wardrobe, where you can easily mix and match the pieces together.
Refined minimalism - that is how you can describe LEBRAND pieces in a nut shell. Most of all, we offer oversized, simple cut coats, perfectly tailored leather pants, soft knitwear, classic shirts and feminine dresses.
We use the highest quality fabrics during the production process, imported from Italian suppliers, like wool, viscose, cotton, linen, silk and natural leather.

LEBRAND production proccess is based mainly in Poland - we work closely with small, local manufacturers, that values the great tradition of tailoring and craftsmanship.

LEBRAND clothes are available in several countries - Belgium, Italy, France, New Zealand and Denmark.


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